Grow your business
with advanced
analytical solutions.

Grow your business
with advanced
analytical solutions.


Our mission is to help clients who plan, build or use data processing and data analysis systems based on modern tools available in the cloud. We can prepare architecture, implementation and training for you that will allow you to speed up this process and optimize the final result. We will design systems for you that will allow you to collect, process, analyze and visualize data in an efficient and effective way. Regardless of whether you collect data from millions of IoT devices, build a social platform for millions of users, or process business data, we will advise you on how to do it right and efficiently.


Two of our founders have PhDs in computer science and mathematics and this is how we are able to provide the scientific approach in our creations. We use machine learning to resolve problems connected with production and managing demand.

Jakub Wszolek, PhD

PhD in domain languages and distributed measurement systems. Working closely with businesses to plan and define requirements.

Mariusz Domzalski, PhD

PhD in estimation and data fusion. Focusing on analytics algorithms and optimization technics to improve solutions performance.



We can help you in one of the ways below:

  • Consulting

Do you need to design the architecture of a data intensive system? Do you want to evaluate your architecture project? Are you wondering what the bottlenecks of the architecture you are currently using have? We will help you with these and other problems related to the processing and analysis of large amounts of data. 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the architecture, implementation or migration of data intensive systems.

  • Training

We offer training in a wide range of topics related to the subject of data processing and data analysis. Examples of topics include:

  • Data engineering in the cloud – effective architectures for processing large data sets
  • Processing of large data sets on the cloud – Databricks, Apache Spark
  • Streaming – Apache Kafka, Azure EventHubs, Google Pub/Sub
  • Big data analysis – machine learning using cloud tools

The program of each training is strictly tailored to your needs.

Each training has a theoretical part and an extensive workshop part, because most of the topics we discuss cannot be learned without hands-on experience. Training can take place both in stationary, online and hybrid modes. The duration of the training ranges from one day of intensive classes to several days of comprehensive training. In the case of training lasting many days, it is possible to carry out activities as intensively as possible (e.g. 5 classes in one week) and to carry them out over a long period (e.g. 1 class on Wednesday for 5 weeks) in order to allow the participants to better absorb the material or to reconcile the training with their daily duties. 

Please contact us for training and tell what topic and form you are interested in.


DataMass strives to provide the best service possible with every contact!
We operate in a company based on trust. This can be achieved through communication and experienced support. 

Have a question about Big Data, Machine Learning or AI? Our entire team ensures you’re receiving the best information possible. From the basic questions to complex solutions, we’re here to help.

Interested in learning more about our services? Please shoot us an email and we will get back to you.


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